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Whether you are on a holiday, a business trip or looking for a long-term rental QuoteShack CoLiving is the easiest way to find a cozy place to stay.

Flexible leasing options for renters and Free listings for property owners/renters.

Move out of your lease for just $15

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Tenant Verification

We will do the tenant's credit check, criminal record check, and others upon request.

Flexible security deposit

We will take responsibility of security deposit for both landlord and tenant.

Paperless agreement

Go paperless and save the environment. Landlord will make the paperless agreement and we will take care of the rest.

We've got what you need!

Manage your rental and stay posted without hiring a management firm

Automatic rent payments

Rent paid directly into your bank account at the same time each month.

Landlord approved

Create your listing and accept the most qualified tenant.

Timely rent

On time rent every month with no extra charge.

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Get affordable, online coverage without the hassle of service or cancellation


Create the legal documents,forms,contacts you need in minutes!

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